Photography and Drone Vision: Warfare, Surveillance, Protest

  • fredag / 28 september / 2018
  • 14:55-15:15
  • Scen Mediescenen


How do drones effect how we see and what we know? What does the asymmetry of drone vision mean for those living under drone surveillance and what are the consequences of drone technologies in the context of Sweden? The conversation is based on the photographic research project Drone Vision: Warfare, Surveillance, Protest – a collaborative initiative between Valand Academy, Gothenburg University and the Hasselblad Foundation. For the project commissioned artists in Gothenburg, Lahore and Nicosia have produced works that respond to the visual and material consequences of drone technologies in the context of Sweden, Pakistan and Cyprus. Drone Vision examines how drone technologies impact on photography and human rights and alter the material assemblages through which warfare, surveillance and protest take place.

Participants:  Dr. Sarah Tuck, Researcher, Curator and project manager of Drone Vision; Valand Academy, Gothenburg University, Louise Wolthers, Researcher and Curator, The Hasselblad Foundation.

Moderator:  Terje Carlsson, Journalist.
Språk:  engelska
Arr:  Hasselbladstiftelsen


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